What is a Board Certified Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dental specialist that has completed two or more years of advanced post-doctoral residency training in the specialty of endodontics (root canals and related treatments). Endodontists provide only endodontic services because we are specialists. We perform routine as well as difficult and complex endodontic procedures including re-treatments and surgical treatments as well as complex oral and facial pain diagnosis.

To become a Diplomate (Board-Certified), an endodontist has shown great inner motivation and exceptional commitment to continuing professional growth. A Board-Certified endodontist understands the importance of:

  • Achieving the highest level of knowledge and skill possible;
  • Continually pursuing new knowledge and experience;
  • Fully understanding and applying new research and advances to the practice of endodontics; and
  • The highest possible quality of care for the patient.

Board Certification is a voluntary process and requires a review of the applicant’s education and successful completion of the three-part examination process:

  • Written Examination: A four-hour examination that tests a broad range of knowledge in anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, radiology, statistics, clinical endodontics and related disciplines.
  • Case History Examination: Presentation of a diverse range of complex cases from the applicant’s own practice that demonstrate exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise in the full scope of the field of endodontics.
  • Oral Examination: The Candidate is required to demonstrate a high level of skill in endodontic diagnosis, evaluation, analysis, creativity, decision-making and problem solving.

Upon successful completion of all three examinations the endodontist is certified as a “Diplomate of The American Board of Endodontics.” Certification as a Diplomate signifies a unique achievement.